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in a sea of shit.......... this is fucks

I love the game.

Absolutely fantastic.

Very fun, I love the variety in the mini games

nice game i love it, the music and the art. Nice work!

nice warioware game

Your game is a formidable homage to the genre. The graphics and the music is so reminiscent of the very first WarioWare game, but you were still able to give it your own touch. Thanks for making it!

this is the best warioware-esc game I've seen in a while. good work!


wacky and comical (good)


hey could you please teach me how you made this game I would really appreciate it or upload a video tutorial 



awesome :)


Super fun and cool 👍🏻

Awesome, it looks like bootleg WarioWare for Game Boy Color! Think about porting it. :P

Congrats on the win. It was my favorite in the Jam.


One of the best of the jam for me


a collection of wacky microgames that could only be deamt up by someone as tired as Bimsy.

you seem tired, you should get some sleep. game jams are exhausting!

fixed that! good catch!


a damm good game to play for maybe the high score, or just when you are bored.

yes idc about my username.


i am trapped in hell please save me thank you


If the Warioware creators could have put the word "fuck" in the game, they would have.