Defend your shrine against waves of Yokai using magic Gimmick dice in this wacky folklore roguelike!

WASD: move
Mouse: aim
LMB: Throw dice
RMB: Attract dice

Zizou: Art + Code
Prutte: Music + Sfx
Ayekerik: Thumbnail art

...And we made it into the top 20!!! Thanks everyone! For those who are interested, we're working on updates on the game, and you can follow us HERE!!! The version on this page will be left as-is for posterity. We just fixed a couple of game-breaking bugs! (But not the single stray pixel on the logo. That pixel STAYS!!)
If this concept interests you, FOLLOW US ON TWITTER!! STAY UPDATED!!! GIMMIKO SWEEP!!!!

Updated 11 days ago
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(47 total ratings)
AuthorsZizou, prutte
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsDice, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, gmtkjam2022, Roguelike, Roguelite


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so exited for full release


I Recomend Adding a Selling mechanic, like, you can sell moves for Rt

I absolutely love this game. I've gotten all the medals and managed to make it to wave 25.

(2 edits) (+1)

Really fun concept but a LOT of visual clutter making it hard to tell what's friend and what's foe, but man I didn't realize this had been made in 48 hours. The preview of the more fleshed-out version on Steam looks phenomenal too.


Thank you! We're working real hard on improving visual clutter and general legibility in the full version!!


cant stop playing, waiting for the steam release!!


lessgoo incredible game!!!!

 i managed to blackscreen at round 18, i believe due to the amount of things on-screen

can't wait for the steam release



always black screen on second wave, certain the problem not from my side.

I love this game because even if you do not luck into a money start, the timer monster can still get you money

Really? How do you get money from Mr. Scary?

Hey Pep!

Great job on making this challenging game! We just reviewed it and we'd love to hear your feedback on it! Here's a link to the video:


I had so many reroll dice that it would not let me pick up the dice to kill enimies.just more coins


I love everything about this game. The art is great, the variety of powerups makes a lot of different ways to play, the spooky parts are spooky, the extra roll system is fun yet balanced and the money system is fun to mess with. Lovely Game

Omg Gimmiko!!


game went black, musc still on. Possibly I had too many reroll faces? 


game broke. too many stars lol

final coin count

amazing game. The concept is fun, the style is out of this world. Well done!

The perfect concept.

Will there be a downloadable version?


Yep! When the update is ready

Thanks for letting me know!

This game is awesome. Occam's spoon is OP got over 20000 RT in a single wave. lagged like crazy but that's why I love it. 

are you sure

this game is hella fun. v impressive work!!

This was such a interesting and fun game. Great job! 

nice game

how download

Very very very very fun

i got to wave 8 then died by a kitsune kid

(1 edit) (+1)

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This game is really fun and chaotic, but surprisingly balanced as well!
I got a bunch of money upgrades on one die, and tried to farm money by repeatedly throwing it while running from the one enemy left on screen.

Needless to say, I got jumpscared fairly hard, considering my expectations of the game. I think that moment just made Gimmiko even more fun though.

same except i close the tab when i saw the weird monster

if i were making this it would take me forever but it only took you two days. well done


As a suggestion from someone who uses them, can you add arrow keys as an option for movement?


This game is absolutely bonkers, been playing for about an hour now and i keep coming back because its so thrilling. And theres a lot of strategies to make, for instance, im trying to build an money dice in the early game so i can farm when theres only one or two enemies in the wave. Lets see!! And i can see myself buying an finished release in steam or some console. 

The only downsight is that doesnt run smothly in chrome, but i think that's just because im in a shit pc with 4g of ram 


I'm trying to get this game to work on PSVita via a piece of homebrew called YoYo Loader. It'd allow the game to be played on console super easily but I'm having trouble with one part, can you let me know which version of Game Maker Studio you used? The data.win won't open in UTMT (Undertale Mod Tool), so I can't determine what it requires for an asset swap.

the game was made in gamemaker studio 2!

this game would be perfect on a handhel

very hard but really enjoyable


This is a really fun game! I like the art and simple enough gameplay but still difficult just enough haha.  Really great job!

Really fun and creative use of the concept, with lots of room for strategy and improving your skill. It can be difficult to differentiate between enemies, allies, particles, and money, but navigating that chaos becomes part of the challenge, IMO. You should be proud of what you've put out here!

whynne told me to tell you that the controls on chrome don't work

they work for me?

I'm having the same issue.


love the music and charming art style, also very fun and addicting, just wish attracting the dice went faster and did damage to enemies


Wow this is great! The gameplay, sound, and art are all awesome!

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