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can you make it into a gba rom?

what weapon type is the dads chainsaw? it looks like a melee but uses ammo??

this was super super fun ! !!! !

Just finished it. Great game, one of the most fun I've played this year actually! I really like the art-style, pace, gameplay and idea as a whole and would be happy to see a similar project, but finished. It has a number of critical problems regarding balance and key mechanics. Some weapons and upgrades are so OP, that they make 90% of other stuff absolutely useless. Your succes depends almost exlusevly on a chance of you getting them and not on your ability to make working builds or skill. I had lots of fun playing it nontheless, art and dynamic saved it for me.

i was wondering if the upgrades run out after a while cause sometimes i'll pick an upgrade and see it available again a few floors later. or do the upgrades stack?

they stack!

how to i stop the charged puches?


those are feint punches, you're supposed to dodge towards them