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This is a super outdated demo of Tomb of friends 2!!! Avoid playing it for now, if you can. 

Welcome to the Tomb. Please enjoy your stay.

10 years after his first visit, a lonely chicken finds himself in an enormous catacomb called the tomb of friends, a magical place full of interesting characters and mysterious creatures all waiting to become your buddy; although it's quite different from how he remembers it.....

-explore a weird and wonderful catacomb with more than 10 areas (only 2 in the demo)!
-more than 300 characters to befriend, each with their own story!
-different weird things to find in each playthrough (maybe)!
-fully original funky soundtrack by Patrik Pettersson!

This is just a demo. Full game coming sooner or later.

In the meantime, play the prequel! https://pep.itch.io/tomb-of-friends

tomboffriends.tumblr.com - @tomboffriends

Install instructions

Unzip the .zip file, install the font, read the manual, say a little prayer and launch the game.


tomboffriends.zip 257 MB


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Nice, looking forward to the full release. 

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I finished the demo, and it was adorable! Looking forward to the full version.

love it

molto carino! :)