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was this made in rpg maker or ?

"Made in RPG Maker VX Ace." -readme.txt

This game hasn't let me go for about a year now.. I keep replaying it over and over again.. It's time to create a fan game about your fan game, which is the second part of the Undertale

this reminds me of underpants

(Sr Pelo interpretation of undertale)

Hey so this game was very sigma epicsauce, but I'm very curious as to what version of RPG Maker it was made on. Btw it could use more simpsons references.


how do i play the first one

i dont know, i played the 2 and i loved the game, i am so excited to play the first game, i think it is a masterpiece!

Hi Zizou! We love your game but we're having some technical issues. We want to keep playing on our channel but with what's been happening I just can't. Any help you could provide us would be greatly appreicated.

try redownloading the game and make sure you unzip it. you can use the same save files, just transfer them to the freshly downloaded game's folder

how do I unzip it

Not sure how to unzip it. If you mean extract, I know how to do that.

You're telling me Zinedine Zidane made this mod? I'm immediately downloading

The monkey exploded 10/10


Undertale if it was good and have a 2

We got Undertale2 before UnderFail? 

Man this is quite the Intresting timeline we live in

And right as i said that Merg played It..... Great

yahiamice loves it

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good gaem 10\10 

literally the best game of all time

lock in for funny running pets, little gay slave 


cant wait to go straight to a genocide route

im afraid i dont want to do megablood because this is unlike genocide route. 

This isnt the undertale i remember


Human I remember your M E G A B L O O D

good one.


your determination awaits here...


undertale if it was good


When mobile port

Can't wait for Undertale 3: Papyrus's revenge



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No its not, its a fangame


Is it actually Undertale 2 ??

no just a fangame


yes, it's real underwear 2


frogueslick is my favorite character


undertale if it locked in


truly an undertale 2 moment






zip bomb




it cant be a zip bomb, why would cheese lie to me

No it is not

This game makes me happier than it should.

yoooo col

the game has a zero escape virtues last reward reference in it therefore you have to fucking play this game PLAY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!! NOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!  RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


sanest itchio dev:


Your insanity is admirable

Idea: Add a secret eye and a taunting feature (like in pizza tower) So Frisk can strike a taunt lmao



I really love the references in this, I espcecially remember how the gambling frog guy's battle theme uses the Kaiji zawa sound effects and displays the iconic ざわ・・ざわ・・

Hey, I finished going to the four locations and catching all the fish in the fishing minigame but the aquarium asks me for a Morsel. Where the hell is that?!

theres a secret fishing spot

maybe it's the way you're dressed.

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just like the last guy, i want MY FUCKING PROGRESS TO BE SAVE-
edit: i know how to save it now

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kelp us

unzip the game


unzip deez nuts :trol:

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look the game is great but wen i open it it doen t save my progrese and i go where the f#ck is my progrese

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